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Upon the completion of the course (Developmental Reading 2), we are required to observed a Kindergarten class in order for us to actualized what we have learned. In connection, I have given an opportunity to observe the summer class of Nursery and Kindergarten at Hipona Christian School, Hipona Pontevedra, Capiz. With the cooperation of Mrs. Ditas T. Beldia, the School Directress, Mrs Ninfa Tumlos, the Principal, and two cooperating teacher, Teacher Ren and Teacher Marie I have attained my objectives throughout my observation period. Before I start my observation, I talked first the Principal of the said school for my intention and I’m glad that she gave me a chance and accommodated me well. She gave me an orientation
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Majority of them complaining that they are hungry already, so the teacher decided to stop and let the kids eat their snacks. It was good because the kids have snacks in their bags already, they let the teacher get it for them and open their snacks for them to eat, but there are others who still called their companion to give their snacks and accompanied them while eating.
After having their snacks, they transferred on the other room for the remaining one hour. That was the room of Teacher Ren where their focus is on the writing skills. Before they started their class the teacher leads to sing a nursery rhyme together with an action. As if they are having an exercise. In that moment I saw the kids very active, jumping, shouting, and laughing as if there is no tomorrow. Even Renz that was much quit during their class with Teacher Marie, he keeps on jumping and seem to be very happy of what he is doing. After their exercise, the teacher give them five minutes to rest and have their breathe stable. In five minutes the kids are now set for learning. Teacher Ren asked them to get their folder at their bags where in, in that folder there is a collection of their writing papers and exercises or that serves as their portfolio. Their new lesson was writing numbers. But before that, the teacher let first the kids write their names in the pad paper for at least three times. That according to Teacher Ren she always did it first before starting

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