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Republic of the Philippines
Southern Luzon State University-Tiaong
Lagalag, Tiaong, Quezon



For any student undergoing a professional course in education, teaching practice is inevitable. It is that aspect of the student-teacher's professional training program during which they is exposed to the real school and classroom situation in order to help them develop their skills in the act of teaching. Teaching practice is designed to give the student-teachers an opportunity to put into practice, the theories relating to the principles and practice of education, which they have learnt.
It is also a basic professional requirement, the un-fulfillment of which the
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Everyone is always talking and it is hard for me to control them. Even Mrs, Gayapa find it hard to discipline them. But although they are noisy, they are really focused on their studies and they learn easily and that is what’s important.

CONCLUSION I both enjoyed my experiences at Tagbaking Elementary School and Claro M. Recto Memorial Central School. I learned a lot from it but based from my observation, there’s a big difference between a school at a barrio and a school at a town proper especially when it comes to the behavior of the pupils. The pupils I’ve handled at Tagbakin Elementary School don’t learn easily and yet they know how to respect and they obey your rules. They are also easy to discipline. They know when to keep quiet While at Claro M. Recto Memorial Central School, the pupils are very noisy it seems like you’re in a judge because of the pupils. Some pupils are also naughty and ill mannered. There are also hard headed pupils who don’t know how to respect. But it’s okay, it is a part of being a teacher. For me, every pupil is a unique individual and it is the duty of the teacher to know how to handle this pupils. Like what I have said before, I really enjoyed my experiences in these schools even the mistakes that I committed before, it served as a lesson for me and I know that it will help me to become a better teacher.

EVALUATION OF EXPERIENCES What I have experienced during the Practice Teaching 2 is one of the best experiences that

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