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OBJECTIVE OF ON – THE – JOB TRAINING The following are the objectives of the On – The – Job Training: 1. To provide students with work experience relevant to their chosen field of specialization. 2. To give students the opportunity to apply all the things they learned from classroom instructions and discover new knowledge to facilitate improvement. 3. To provide trainees the opportunity to acquire more skills and techniques in doing various tasks and responsibilities. 4. To enable students develop a sense of professionalism, love of work and commitment to people they serve. 5. To experience positive interpersonal skill, thereby enhancing their ability to interact successfully in a wider community. 6. Enhance their …show more content…
TIME AND PLACE OF ON – THE - JOB TRAINING The trainee rendered his On-The-Job Training at the College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences of Eastern Samar State University, Borongan Main Campus. The Training started on April 10, 2013 and ended at the first week of June. It lasted for a period of 6 weeks and 1 Day which is equivalent to two hundred fourty (240) hours of training.

WORK CONDITION The trainee was oriented with the rules and regulations of the department where he was assigned and complied with the following conditions: 1. To wear the prescribed complete uniform. 2. Observe punctuality and 3. Do the entire task assigned.

PROCEDURES OF THE ON-THE-JOB TRAINING After enrolling the course, the OJT adviser set a meeting for the announcements, orientation and other related matters. The trainee is required to attend the orientation with his/her co-trainees. During the orientation, the adviser gave all the instructions and would taught the trainees what to do, what is the purpose and what needed in this training. The adviser asked for some papers and personal documents to be compiled for the trainee to give to his targeted office. The trainee prepared and submitted pertinent documents to his adviser which is required for the training. Together with other trainees, they went to their perspective offices to negotiate for their training. Upon approval of the request, they were oriented with the rules and regulations of the department.

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