Narrative-Simon Test

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Disclaimer none of what I am about to say is real and you should not try this at all. It was April 1st and so far everything was going just as I wanted. “Today is going to be a great day!” “Hey, what are you up to Leo!” Simon said. “Just heading to History right now.” “Oh cool!” Simon replied. “Wow, what a nice guy.” “Ding-dong!” “Time to head to first period!” “Hello!” said Mrs.McGann. “Good Morning” I replied. I looked up on the board and saw that we had a test today. “What could possibly go wrong?” I studied throughout the week and was confident I would ace the test After everyone arrived in the classroom Mrs. McGann passed out the tests. “Number five.” I ran up to the front of the board. About thirty minutes later I was completely done with the…show more content…
“Bleep!” I calculate my grade and it turns out to be a seventy-two. “Well, it seems that the class average is an eighty-nine! Great job guys!” Then someone behind me asks what the lowest grade was. “The lowest grade was a seventy-two.” “Who got a seventy-two?” “Let’s see” “Calm down Leo just calm down everything is ok.” “The person who got a seventy-two…” “It was Leo!” “That's it!” I throw the clicker at Mrs. McGann’s head. “Hm Hm, headshot!” I grab the M4 Carbine from Mrs. McGann’s desk and begin shooting. Then someone yells, “Stop shooting you dumb butt we’re on the same team!” “What the Mr. Ali!” “If I come back to class I will get roasted by my students! Especially 6th period” “Yep!” I laugh. I shoot his head. “That’s for not coming back!” Then my instincts kick in again. “Kayla! Whoops, I mean Derrick!” I walked through the halls and leaving the room with the door completely open to make it look less suspicious. I hear fire music playing in the bathroom. I walk in and see Derrick come out of the stall. “Got you!” And after that, I pretty much knew what I had to do. I checked his pants. “All clear!” I
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