Narrative Statement. I First Learned About The Field Of

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Narrative Statement

I first learned about the field of Social Work at the end of my freshman year of college and, once I started to explore what the field really was, I knew I had found something I wanted to be a part of. I love listening to people’s stories and the opportunity that this profession provides to hear such diverse stories from people from all walks of life, is an aspect that I think interests many. I find it inspiring to learn the ways in which humans are able to overcome challenges, endure hardships, and grow from them in ways that make them stronger people. What really drives my passion for social work, though, stems from a variety of personal experiences that I believe make me uniquely qualified to relate with certain
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This situation was one of the first that opened my eyes to the realities of poverty that are going on around me every day. I’ve learned the ways that not having a home can affect so many different aspects of someone’s life and make it almost impossible to succeed in other areas. While I gained a small understanding of the unsettling emotions that come along with homelessness, I still had a lot to learn about aspects of this problem that social work deals with. I knew that if this was an area I wanted to work in, I needed to know more about the root causes of homelessness. I wanted to understand what part of this matter is a result of underlying systemic issues, how to change the policies that influence those, how to best relate with this population of people, and the most effective solutions to see results in the ending of homelessness. While there are several other issues I am passionate about working with, this was the initial one that pushed me to social work. In the past year alone, through the social work classes I have started taking, I have already begun to gain a much better understanding of the issue, in addition to many others in which social workers are able to make changes and create an impact within. All that I have learned has only made me more confident in the fact that this is a field I want to be in. Along with the experiences that have led me to be interested in social work,
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