Narrative Story ' The Turning Point '

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My Story Narrative – “The Turning Point”

It’s been a long hard road arriving at where I am right now. I believe that everyone can say that in one way or another their life has been difficult. One event in my life truly shaped the person I have become by overcoming it, but it could have sent me down a spiral into disaster. Let me tell you about my story. I grew up in a single parent home with my mother and also had a great amount of support from my grandparents. What my family knew was athletics, so what they taught me from the time I could pretty much walk was how to throw, catch, and shoot a ball. It turns out I was a natural. Was I the next Jordan, Jeter, or Randy Moss? That was still to be determined, but unlikely. Unfortunately, my dreams would be put on hold as the one person in my life who I truly looked up to, my grandfather, had passed away from a heart attack. He was the one father figure that I had in my life. He kept me grounded. Without him I felt lost. Where could I go? What could I do? I did what I always did. I went to the playground with my ball and played for hours. This was and continues to be a major theme in my life. It is my release from all of the pain and the negative thoughts that rip through my mind. It is where I free myself. I continued at a young age to develop a work ethic on the field and court. The first sport my talent started to stand out was in basketball. I was taller and more skilled than all of my peers. I was
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