Narrative Structure Of The Spot On The Wall By Yang Woolf

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(1)The main contents of plot:
The Mark on the Wall do not have clear plots or events, some scholars call it “weak plot”[ Yang Huanhuan. Discussion about the Narrative Structure of "The Spot on the Wall"[J] .Northern Literature, 2016(16).]. But rather, it creates a new pattern which records the flow of the writer’s thinking as the main contents which is totally different from the traditional works.
The Damned Thing is a novel overall follow the traditional novel structure: the main plot is complete story which includes the charateristics, the scenes, time and place, the start and devlopment as well as the ending. But his novel’s uniqueness of plot is the absurd yet scientific ending, the horror theme about death, the illustration adventures …show more content…

It broke through the shackles of traditional novels and created a new and important form of writing which we call the Stream of Consciousness.
As one of the most representative works of the Stream of Consciousness novels, this article fully shows the charm of this kind novel: using psychological time to organize, the center radiation structure which seems messy but actually symmetrical and rigorous, rich imaginaries and signs which are novel and meaningfui, Liquidity and irrationality, the innovative writing mode which flows with the thought, reducing plot description and emphasizing character’s inner monologue espeicially subconciousness...
Apart from the common features of the Stream of Conciousness novels, this work also shows its uniqueness: It’s language is poetic, smooth and euphemistic; it refects the inner world of people in the war especially the women; it mirrors the Woolf’s thinking and dissatisfaction to the reality world as well as her concern about women’s rights. Apart from the value of literature, it also produced aesthetic, historical and moral values for the future world.
The Damned Thing

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