Narrative Telling Act As Entertaining Persuasive

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Garrett Chu Professor Mary Zanfini Expository Writing 101 28 November 2014 Paper 5 Narratives and story-telling act as entertaining, yet persuasive methods of conveying experiences that possess traits related to most people 's lives. A common trait shared among people during sessions of story-telling or narratives is trauma. Within stories, conflicts such as trauma attract listeners because intrinsically, people find comfort for themselves in empathizing or sympathizing. Along with vivid imagery, that sense of comfort provided in the story allows for listeners to become more engaged, thus assisting the elucidation of a personal experience. People become so immersed in the story that they actually dissociate themselves from reality, emphasizing the strength of the story 's control over the reader. With the introduction of characters involved in conflict through story-telling, Martha Stout makes better sense of their personal experiences. Within Martha Stout 's “When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning, It Was Friday,” she recounts her patients ' personal traumatic experiences in the form of story to provide her readers a sharper understanding of what these experiences entail. Similarly, Azar Nafisi recounts her experiences in vivid detail through a narrative. In Nafisi 's “Selections from Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books,” her rough experiences in Tehran become fully pronounced as she describes her conflict with clashing cultures through a series of firsthand

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