Narrative: The Night of the Prom Essay

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It was the regular night shift but some guy was sleeping on the bench with only three items. It was the cell phone that first caught my attention and then the picture and then the hair ribbon. It almost seemed like they belonged together and yet they just didn’t fit.

I walk through the halls one last time before saying goodbye to my life as I a high school student. It was the night of the prom and I had finally gotten enough bravery to ask the girl of my dreams to prom. We once dated but it never seemed like time was on our side. Almost like fate was against us. I wasn’t going to get all sentimental tonight though, this was going to be a fun night and if anything happens, then so be it. Even though i have loved her since i was only in 8th grade she never really felt the same way. i mean we dated and it was great but she only ever liked me and when she did it never lasted. ill try not to get all emotional, i mean after all this is only prom and she said we were just going as "friends".

i tried texting her just about all day but i never got a response. i brushed it off and assumed she had just switched phones since the last time she gave me her number. so i went along with my day as usual. except of course i had to pick up my suit and make sure the car reservation was still set up. i rented a jeep, a nice one. i always knew she loved jeeps, not exactly sure why but she does. i used to always joke with her about being australian. i miss those times, i miss her.…