Narrative: The Night of the Prom Essay

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It was the regular night shift but some guy was sleeping on the bench with only three items. It was the cell phone that first caught my attention and then the picture and then the hair ribbon. It almost seemed like they belonged together and yet they just didn’t fit. I walk through the halls one last time before saying goodbye to my life as I a high school student. It was the night of the prom and I had finally gotten enough bravery to ask the girl of my dreams to prom. We once dated but it never seemed like time was on our side. Almost like fate was against us. I wasn’t going to get all sentimental tonight though, this was going to be a fun night and if anything happens, then so be it. Even though i have loved her since i was only…show more content…
she was funny as hell and could give a look that would scare the bajebus out of a grown man but it always just made me crack up until she started laughing to. i don't know what i expected when i got to her house. At the bare minimum i expected her to be there but she wasn't. i didn't know how to feel. i was worried most of all. i was worried that she was out there with someone else. her mom told me she didn't come home today. apparently she had brought all her stuff to kelseys, who is a friend of hers so she could do her hair. this is where a phone would have come in handy but her mom told me she left it here. "could you make sure she gets this. also have her call me before you two leave, okay?" "will do, it was nice seeing you" "have fun tonight" i could hear her dad call out from the back "not too much fun" to which we all laughed. he was a great guy and it only made her one hell of a lot cooler. on the drive Teegan (thats her name by the way, Teegan. its a great name isn't it? just kinda rolls off the tongue) got a text from kelsey, actually she got about 30 all wondering where she is and when she will be there. i called her. "finally when will you be here? its almost time for you to leave!" "hey kelsey its me chris. i just stopped by Teegans how to pick her but she wasn't there. what is going on?" "you've probably got a better guess than me" this whole thing was weird, it wasn't like her to just disappear, especially not on

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