Narrative Theoretical Framework

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Narrative theoretical framework is a postmodernist theory that focuses on the family – not the professional. While using this theoretical framework with families, the therapist remains almost completely in the background. The therapist is merely a facilitator or promoter of change. However, there is no “active” input into the session by the professional. This is because this theory relies heavily on the family and the language that the family uses. The language is very important because it can shed light into different meanings and understandings of the family as a whole. This theory also relies heavily on the professional’s ability to reframe the family’s thought process. Through reframing, the change process can begin. This is because the role of the professional in this theoretical framework is completely passive. Reframing helps bring conversation back on topic, helps the family expand their understanding of the status quo, and can help to “re-author” a story or circumstance. During the film, one of the highlights was when Madigan helped reframe Ollie’s view of himself. He took Ollie’s statement about “good people” and asked reframing, clarifying, and probing questions about what a “good person” is and how he could become one. These questions forced Ollie to think about himself and how he could change. Structural theoretical framework is grounded on family systems theory. Working with families from a structural theoretical framework requires the
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