Essay on Narrative Therapy and Reflecting Teams

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Leanne Snyder MFT5105: Reflecting Teams/Narrative Therapy Week 8 Northcentral University Dr. Asha Sutton March 9, 2015 When we look upon Narrative Therapy, we look at the person rather than the problem. This means separating the problem from the person or family. Narrative Therapists believe that people are the solutions to their own problems or issues. They also believe that people are special, and can find the answers to problems or issues that they are experiencing. In the video, “Escape from Bickering,” Dr. White interviews a family that has multiple issues with their son and daughter. Mike, the oldest, is the identified patient, as he has been locked up for a while in various group homes for setting fires since he was…show more content…
Dr. White shifts the meanings and beliefs of each individual expression by allowing them to talk openly and freely. He does this by as for example, as Debbie was talking, Mike was trying to talk, and Dr. White calmly said he wanted to hear how Debbie felt, and he would then ask him for his feedback. Sometimes as Mike was talking, he somewhat went off track in another direction. Dr. White was quite aware and calmly restructured Mike back on the subject at hand. Although, Dr. White was interested in what Debbie had to say, he was also interested in what Mike was saying as well. He said he was being more attending by letting Mike know that he was interested in what he was saying; however he wanted to hear from Debbie first and he would then come back to him afterwards. Dr. White explains to each person the meanings of what each was saying, and then shifts back to the conversation to that individual. As Dr. White restructured Mike while he was talking off the subject at times, it sometimes worked, as Dr. White listened then steered Mike back on track. Mike continued to veer off track a lot, however Dr. White allowed this to get a more positive picture of what Mike was actually talking about. Dr. White asked Mike to explain his version of how he started his first fire. Mike was quite animate that he was almost pressured by his friends, or they would “kick his butt.” Dr. White’s interventions or directing Mike’s conversation was somewhat successful,
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