Narrative Written in the Perspective of a Holocaust Victim

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Margot Heuman
February 17, 1928
Hellenthal, Germany In early 1942, 14-year old Margot and her family were arrested, being sent to the Theresiestadt ghettos in Czechoslovakia. Her family was not separated until later when they were transported to Auschwitz.

Seen One Day, Gone Another I've become emotionless, knowing the events that occur around me. Living in the ghettos in 1942 is hell; for me and everyone here, our lives have become a routine of slave labor and starvation. My sister and I work hard to produce anything our ruthless enemies want, in the hopes of getting another ration of bread. They work us to the bones in the factory till
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Franz's harsh words brought us unwanted fright throughout the next couple minutes. We are constantly scared for our well-beings, but on the days of selections, our worries triple. Who had I seen for the last time at the factory yesterday? Who from my past life, will be taken to the afterlife? These and many other thoughts rack my brains until I find the ultimate fear: Is this my turn? Will they call my number, and it will be my last day? As the sun light glistens in the distant sky, my family and I decide to pray before the selection begins, but right as my father begins the starting words of the prayer, there is a loud commotion. Thunderous screaming came from Franz and the guards. The selection is beginning earlier then we had expected. We jump into our formation as quickly as possible. I keep Lore close to me, thinking it would help our chances. Mom is being pushed toward the adult women line, and dad is directed over with the men. I feel my heart ripping at the seams. Suddenly, I could feel Lore trembling in my arms,
"Don't worry. Everything will be fine." I assured her as a bend to whisper in her ear. I pray my words of comfort are correct. Before the selection starts, Franz explains that the ghettos are being completely demolished. He proclaimed that there will be a train departing at the end of selection, leading the selected to a new concentration camp: Auschwitz.

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