Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass,

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Frederick Douglass, a man who found redemption through the unknown truth, that reading is the key to knowledge, in his case is the key to his freedom. In his time, slaves have endured all kind of physical torture but the worst of them all was the mental abuse. Before I elaborate more on this topic it will be wise for me to give you more detail and a more accurate definition and understanding at what is a mental abuse or better known as psychological abuse. It is the art of emotionally breaking down a person by inflicting fear by intimidation to create total chaos within a person mentality and with such result the one inflicting the mental pain gain power over the victim and can make him or her do anything they want. Now back to the…show more content…
They would wall naked for the whole year they wouldn’t have enough to eat and was left to sleep in the cold in a garbage bag. From the bottom of my heart I believe that the psychological methods were worse than the physical abuse. Simply because most physical abuse doesn’t stay with you forever its painful at the beginning but it will eventually fade away but the psychological abuse can mark you for the rest of your life, you might ignore it for a day or two or even a month or year but it will come back to haunt you, it always there no matter how hard we want to look away its always there. Before I used to think that slavery was just about the physical pain and abuse it was until I read this amazing piece of art work that I understood slave were human just like me and you that they had feeling too, that some of them will choose to commit suicide then to be alive with no pride and be treated like horses. Hers a quote of Douglass where he shows how weak minded he felt when all hopes seem to be gone “I was sometimes prompted to take my life”
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