Narrative on Addiction

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Celia D. Roman

Instructor Corbett

COM 041

11 November 2011
Essay 1 Addiction is a disease that I will battle for the rest of my life. After being sexually assaulted at the age of twelve, I started to self-destruct. Lack of parental support, less than pristine living conditions, and an addictive personality paved an expressway to a life of addiction. I chose to hang with undesirable people, and was introduced to Marijuana, LSD, Ecstasy, PCP, Cocaine, Heroin and eventually what became the love of my life, the prescription painkiller Morphine. Never did I think that trying pot would have a domino effect. It led me to try harder and more addictive substances ultimately turning my life upside down. Often publicly
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Though after numerous years clean behind bars and completing several prison drug programs, I still had not hit my true bottom. My life after prison was even harder. I stayed clean of all drugs, and since alcohol was never a problem for me, I would drink and drink often. I continued a relationship with a drug-dealer that was extremely toxic and abusive. However, it would only take one visit to the hospital to trigger my relapse. I was prescribed Percocet which gave me the euphoric high of heroin. It caused me to search for stronger painkillers in higher doses. Morphine kept me calm, able to deal with any problem and solve it, but really destroying the person I really was. I believe God stepped in to show me enough is enough after surviving a car accident that should have killed me due to overdosing behind the wheel. This was my wake-up call. I immediately put myself into a program here in Reading, and my ex was arrested for selling drugs and is serving 5-10 years still till this day. I cut everyone and anything that had to do with using, and focused on getting my life back in order. If I continued, it was certain jail or death. I chose life for the first time ever. I was so excited for my new life to begin not realizing the real fight was just about to begin. I used the aid of Methadone to get off the Morphine so that I could still do other things and not have to go away and lose my home. I was living independently and for the
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