Narratives, It Is How You Interpret Them

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We often look at things one way, and one way only. We repeatedly have to be reminded to take a step back and look at a situation from someone else’s shoes. When we look at certain situations through another angle, often times our perception and emotions toward the situation change. While reading several short narratives this semester, I recognized the same thing. The characters were put into situations, and I only had one view point. As a class, coming at it from a different perspective, we saw things differently. Seeing different viewpoints and how it alters our perception of the dream affects the realism of the narrative.
Dreams have many important aspects to them, especially in American Literature. I believe one of the most important characteristics dreams possess is its power to make a character more relatable. In Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper”, the narrator becomes more relatable with her dream of getting rid of the wallpaper. She becomes more and more like the wallpaper as each day passes. She eventually had enough, and ripped the wallpaper directly of the wall. This is relatable in the sense that many people get overwhelmed with a situation and eventually have enough of it. We become psychotic and a completely different person. With the…
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