Narrator And Point Of View Of 1984

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Narrator and point of view The novel is written in 3rd person limited. Which means that the author is looking as an outsider and is using pronouns along with explaining from his perspective and only being aware of one characters inner. in this novel Gorge Owel has an insight of Winston Smith the lead of 1984 that what Winston feels and how he thinks. Imagery Imagery means to show the readers what’s around by explaining what all the 5 senses are experiencing. Imagery is an important thing as it creates an atmosphere and contributes in the mood, tone and style of the writing. 1984 starts ”it was a cold April evening and the clock struck 13”. As the setting of the novel is in London the cold weather can be related to but the clock never strikes 13 to show 1’o clock hence this sets an image that something is very off putting in London. Moreover in the first chapter the author says, “the hallway smelt of boiling cabbage and old rag matts” the novel is set in the post-war era of 1984 and the boiled cabbage alludes to the rationing that lasted years after the second world war. Consequently, the imagery used when Winton’s…show more content…
In chapter two as Winston and Julia goes on an escape to the country side the author uses strong imagery like “garden of Eden” , “misty with bluebells” to recreate a scene of Adam and eve in heaven when thy first discovered the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Here Big Brother depicts the image of God as they both try to stay hidden from Big Brother's. In book 1 he describes the Ministry of Love as 'there were no windows at all” , “steel doors and hidden machine gun nests” this sets a frightening and a prison like image for the Ministry of love. Subsequently, in book 3 the image is supported when author says “high-ceilinged window less cells with walls of glittering white porcelain….. 4 tele screens one on each
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