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EXPLORATORY RESEARCH Exploratory research might comprise of literature search or carrying out focus group interviews (RESEARCH METHODS 2014). The focus group interview is an unstructured free flowing interview with a small group of people. The objective of exploratory research is to recognize the crucial issues and variables and to assist researchers’ needs for better understanding, examine the viability of a more extensive research, and to identify the best means to be employed in the later study. The data collection methods have two and can be categorized into qualitative and quantitative methods. Qualitative method provides data in the form of words or perhaps visually, while quantitative method generates numerical data. Qualitative…show more content…
The third place belongs to the promotion of the product by their relatives and friends thus act as a variable in promotion factor in their buying decision. The Fourth, which is the physical appearance of the product, this variable is particularly prominent especially to the majority of the females as it drives them into the purchase of the product but not for males. Afterwards, the convenient purchase of Xiaomi through online is also important variable in the place factor but however is only important to males, females do not. Lastly, attributable to the quality of the product and durability of the product, though rated as an insignificant consideration but however acts product variables that exert little impact and attention on the consumer buying behavior. Conclusion In the contemporary day, smartphone is no longer deemed as a luxury product as if over the past it has become very common among the society and nearly a necessity for every people. Thus undeniably, it shows that the people using the smartphone are rocketing in number and consequently to the competition among the sector. Thereof, gaining a clear idea
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