Nary a Drop to Drink

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NARY A DROP TO DRINK Water is all around us. This substance is of high importance to every living thing which is on planet earth. As much as we consider water to be life and the most important substance, still we don’t seem to appreciate it very much, as it is being wasted in such great amounts. Everyone believes that water will always be around but not taking into account that the majority of the water on planet earth are not for human consumption. Human beings can only survive on consuming fresh water. The percentage of fresh water found on planet earth is only a mere one percent (1%) and we have to bear in mind that within that one percent some are found in lakes, rivers, streams and underground aquifers. Therefore, being…show more content…
Demands for water increase are necessary due to the fact that the population on planet earth is being increased on a day to day basis and that means more mouths to be filled. We need to practice being smart about how we use our fresh water; as there are so many places in the world at the moment where there may be no safe drinkable water due to pollution by effluent (toilet, mining, farming, etc…). Another example as to why fresh water may not be great for human consumption is that some fresh waters may contain bacteria in it which can be dangerous to the health of human, it can cause diseases and can bring on illnesses. We use fresh water on a daily basis and we need it for drinking, bathing showering, cooking, washing, feeding of household plants and pets and various other things. That says to use that fresh water is being used up rather quickly. Therefore, in order to prolong longevity of fresh water we as human beings need to make it our sole responsibility and use water efficiently for example, turning off our taps whilst brushing our teeth and doing the washing up (dishes), turn off the hose at regular intervals when washing our vehicles as that may very much help with water

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