Nas The National Aeronautics And Space Administration

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Since the beginnings of our existence as a human race we have been exploring. We have sailed the globe and civilized wilderness frontiers. Now that we have completely explored the earth, we begin to look toward space. Exploring space is an enormous challenge that requires brilliant minds and leaps forward in technology. In order for space exploration to be successful we need it to be a priority. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has long been a pioneer in the field of space exploration, but due to changing political attitude it is at risk to lose much of its funding. NASA should not have its funding reduced because: NASA develops the technology that benefits the public; their missions bring countries together; they are developing technology we will need in the future; and the advance to progress of the human race. The future of humanity will depend on the technological innovations and the international cooperation that NASA facilitates.
The technology that NASA develops benefits the public. NASA’s missions push the boundaries of human creativity. Often new technology must be developed in order to successfully complete a mission. Much of this technology is eventually used to make products for public use. One example of this is the technology behind Lasik eye surgery. NASA contracted a company to develop a tracking system that would allow the space shuttle to autonomously dock with satellites. This same system is now used to track eye movements during

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