Nas The Water Cycle And The Climate Impact On Humans

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Have you ever imagined seeing inside a hurricane? Would you like to be able to predict the water cycle and the climate impact on humans? NASA has made these opportunities possible through decades of hard work. NASA has developed rockets, Mars rovers, and earth observing satellites. Their main objective, to serve the American public, will improve the quality of life on planet Earth, which in turn will strengthen the American Economy. Encouraging economic activity creates jobs and helps generate tangible benefits for people. “NASA technologies save lives and makes our world a better place.” said NASA Chief Technologist David Miller. Unfortunately, people believe that NASA is too expensive. They want to cut back the budget to “save taxes,” by passing a bill. Saving money wouldn’t be a problem, except that the money would end up going somewhere else in the government. It won’t stay in the tax payers pocket.The fundamental question comes down to this,”Should people’s hard earned money go to a facility that works day in and day out to return that money to them through economic development? Or should it be added into another random budget because it has been complained that NASA is too expensive?” The answer is simple. There is not a single reason to cut NASA’s Earth Science budget. The bill will end up directly affecting the economy, people’s life style, people 's safety, and scientist programs that are vital for keeping this world alive and well. David Malakoff (
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