Nasa And Space Have Been Talked About Ever Since The First

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NASA and space have been talked about ever since the first moon launch when that ended, people started to question why space programs are still being funded? Some think that the funding should stop and others believe that it should continue. The government uses taxpayers money just to see an expensive rocket go up into the sky then blow up wasting billions of dollars, then repeating the whole process again. Researchers think that the money used for rockets should be invested in oceans or be privatized because it would cost less money while also being beneficial to the country. Furthermore, researchers explore the concept of what it could mean to colonize on Mars or travel to other planets. They also believe that it could save the…show more content…
debates rise saying that space exploration pays for itself by inspiring funders. Public funding is necessary to achieve real results in space because it is only through state subsidies that such exploration is financially possible.
The other side of the debate is that the costs of pushing the boundaries in space are too high. The significant private capital can be raised for space exploration because even if NASA is unwilling to fund a particular project, does not mean it cannot take place. The Mars mission is not first in the list of priorities when there are enough problems on earth where money could invest. Overall, these questions and debates go back to the main question that is if the government should continue to fund for NASA 's exploration into space?
In the article “ NASA Should Continue to Receive Funding” by CJ Miozzi he talks about how NASA should continue to be federally funded because of its reasonable purpose of technology to human society. The work done by NASA not only furthers space exploration but also encourages future generations to become involved in science and engineering. He says “they evolved from technology developed from the apollo lunar landing program.” Even from the apollo landing young people have been able to learn and develop new technology for the world.
Miozzi contends that research and development conducted by NASA over the years has led to the advancement of science in general and to inventions used in

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