Nasa Code of Ethics Essay

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The NASW Code of Ethics maybe considered the most ambitious set of ethical guidelines in social work history. Ethical issues have always been a concern of the professional social worker. As early as 1919 there were attempts to draft professional codes of ethics (Reamer, 1998). There have been several social work organizations since, that have attempted to draft ethical codes, such as the American Association for Organizing Family Social Work and several chapters of the American Association of Social Workers. In 1960 NASW adopted its first code of ethics, five years after the association was formed. The first code consisted of only 14 proclamations, with another added in 1957. In 1979 a new code was adopted, this code was far more…show more content…
The Code emphasizes that "ethical decision making is a process" (NASW) and supports the belief that the Code should be used as a primary source, but not the only source. The code includes suggestions of action to be taken when one needs additional guidance. Additionally the Code stresses that the code of ethics cannot guarantee ethical behavior. The core values recognized by the NASW's Code of Ethics are broad ethical principles set forth to which all person's in the social work profession should aspire to. These six values, on which the guiding principles and standards are based, are as follow service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationship, integrity, and competence. Again these are in no exacting order. Service is to help people in need and address social problems above the workers self-interest. This would include both paid and volunteer time. An illustration of this would be to help train employees of, and work with these employees at, a crisis call line. Social justice, the next value, is challenging the inequalities that is seen daily both in a micro, mezzo and macro realm. An example of all three could be in looking at AIDs patients. If a worker was working with a client who had the AIDs
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