Nasa Space Program On The United States

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The NASA space program has had enormous impacts on the world. Thanks to NASA the United States has explored thousands of celestial bodies throughout the galaxy with telescopes, rovers, and in the moon 's case, people. In the next decade, NASA plans to expand the United State’s human exploration to more than just the moon. A Mars mission has been in NASA’s eye for quite a while now and with technology advancing every day, they feel it is time to send men and women to the red planet. Some believe the journey could prove too dangerous for humans; however, through research and development scientists can find ways to safely transport astronauts to and from Mars. This is a necessary step in the country 's advancements in health, technology and…show more content…
These people believe that the journey is too long and far for astronauts to safely arrive, explore, and return with little to no health issues. If funding for NASA is not cut, astronauts’ health will not be as big of an issue. While this is a deeply rooted concern for NASA, the organization plans to make progress in making human space travel safe and productive. In 2016, Former President Barack Obama wrote an article on CNN’s wire service with gargantuan hopes for the future generations of space travel to develop in the future. In the article entitled, “ America Will Take the Giant Leap to Mars”, Obama proposes that the United States will be capable of sending astronauts to Mars by the year 2030. To support his statement, he comments, “I’m excited to announce that we are working with our commercial partners to build new habitats that can sustain and transport astronauts on long-duration missions in deep space”(Obama 1). Here, Obama is acknowledging the fact that astronauts have been, and are, affected by radiation and loss of gravity when exposed to “deep space” for long periods of time. He is also revealing that through years of research and development, the government is prepared to safely send America’s astronauts to other planets for the purpose of exploration and advances in many technological fields. Yes, astronauts’ health
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