Nasa 's Funding Outline, Economical Reasons, And Benefits Of Space Tourism

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People sometimes wish they could go out so space through tourism, right? Well, with the privatization of space travel, they could. It would be beneficial to privatize it, although some are against it. This is because of NASA’s current funding outline, economical reasons, and the benefits of space tourism. NASA’s funding outline is not exactly what someone would expect. It is more focused on earth science, to the point where they are just barely hanging onto their space travel plans, and if that was not enough, the U.S. government is planning to direct it even more toward earth science, almost eradicating the space exploration side of the budget. NASA plans to try and “rent” spacecraft from privately owned companies to save money on doing this, and would therefore be able to go on with their plans. There are also reasons due to the economy. If space travel is privatized, it will help the flow of the economy because, for one, it creates missing jobs in the employment sector, helping the economy tremendously. There is also one big thing that was missing when the US paid Russia for seats to go to space. Every one of those dollars is going straight back into the US, making it so, as a country, the US loses no money in the trade. Meanwhile, if they pay Russia, they lose money, which is infinitely worse for the economy than this trade. Lastly, there are some nice benefits to space tourism. Space tourism would make it so that the space business would become cheaper over time, and
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