Nasser And Thutmose III: A Comparative Analysis

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When the trip made a stop in Fayum, I was able to sit with Mohamed Hamada and have a one on one conversation late into the night. We talked about a lot of topics, but we ended on more of a personal note, with him giving me his personal opinion of the current state of the Egyptian government, Mubarak, and the second revolution – he used the word coup. He said one statement that helped me create what this paper is going to be about. He stated, “we (Egypt) do not have pharaohs, we make them.” After further deliberating on this phrase, he stated that the way that the dictators are treated, through glorification and everyone doing whatever they can for them, the Egyptian culture placing a strong importance on authority, and never wishing to…show more content…
This power craze could lead to thinking that they did have this absolute power that no one could question, as the pharaohs who ruled as gods did. This paper is looking at comparing Gamal Abdel Nasser to Thutmose III, in order to see how similar the first dictator of Egypt was to one of the greatest warrior kings of the ancient time. I chose these two as Nasser was my original topic and this was a way to incorporate that, and Thutmose III had multiple military accomplishments. His accomplishments can go so far as creating a military state, much like the one that modern day Egypt has had for the last 64 years. Furthermore, they both will have differences in what they accomplished as a ruler and who they are as people, but there are similarities between Thutmose III and Gamal Nasser. Their differences look more at the person and the military accomplishments they had, while their similarities look into how they were treated and how their power was received by the people, what they created for Egypt, and the outlook on…show more content…
In Nasser’s case, he clearly lost. There had been many parts of Egypt that were destroyed by the bombings, their air force was almost non-existent anymore, their navy had been sunk, they lost more soldiers than the Israelis, and yet he won. His smaller military force was able to take on three large military powers and not simply fall over, which made this a victory for the Egyptian people. However, modern communication technology may have made this better than it actually was, because the entire time the battle went on, Nasser was broadcasting news of victories, constantly shooting down British and French forces, the air dropped forces were all slain before landing on the ground, the men in Sinai were making a tactical retreat to surround the Israelis, and everything was broadcast over the Cairo Radio, which was also a target of bombings in the later part of this one sided
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