Nasw Code Of Ethics

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As a part of a team asked to conduct an evaluation of supports available to foster parents within a large agency, I will be examining records, as well as collecting information from agency managers, social workers, and foster parents. In doing so, it is my obligation to reference the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) to review the process of ethical decision making, and the specific provisions outlined in the NASW Code of Ethics on evaluation and research best practices. Key ethical issues that are likely to arise in this evaluation may include, not all members of the team agreeing on uniform evaluation process procedures that are in alignment with the NASW Code of Ethics. For example, a social worker who is bound to upholding…show more content…
They may want to skip obtaining informed consent, in order to save time and funds by not designating staff to distributing, collecting, and record keeping. In reference to the specific provisions in the NASW Code of Ethics that are applicable to research, it is the responsibility of those engaged in evaluation or research, to obtain voluntary and written informed consent from participants. The agency needs to ensure anonymity and confidentiality of the participants, as well as the data obtained from them (NASW, 2008). A provision I would recommend to ensure that the evaluation will be ethically conducted, would be to provide an explanation of the obligation we have to conduct an evaluation that uses consent procedures. This applies not only to the foster parents being interviewed, but also the clients’ whose existing records are being examined. This process may be time consuming and require agency resources, is necessary. We must also inform participants of their right to withdraw from evaluations and research at any time without penalty, according to the NASW Code of Ethics (NASW, 2008). Another key ethical issue that may arise could be that some members of the team are not in agreement on the importance of informing participants of the any limits of confidentiality, and the measures that will be taken to ensure confidentiality on the part of the agency. I would recommend that the team collectively assesses and discusses responsible research practices, to make sure they are acting in accordance with the code. For example, it is necessary to make sure the information collected is evaluated accurate, without bias, and the results are not falsified or fabricated
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