Nasw Code Of Ethics Reaction Paper. Migrated From Mexico

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NASW Code of Ethics Reaction Paper Migrated from Mexico to the United States in 1976, the Sanchez family currently resides in a Latino community in South Florida. The large extended family consists of ten: Hector, Celia, Junior, Emilia, Vicki, Gloria, Alejandro, Carmen, Roberto, and Joey. Living under one roof, this family affronts many social issues and is in great need of a social worker to anatomize and find resources to assist. In paper #1, the Sanchez family adversities were identified and categorized as to whether they can be resolved clinically or required systemic intervention. As a social worker providing services for the family, below, I will highlight how two social work standards: 1.02 Self Determination and 1.05 Culture…show more content…
d.”). Now that I briefly defined the two social work standards, I will explain how the two are beneficial to the Sanchez family. Giving Celia and Hector the right to self-determination empowers them to make their own choices. In collaboration with Celia and Hector, we identified their strengths. In partnership, we created goals of their desire. By concocting their own goals, Celia and Hector are more likely to fully participate to overcome their obstacles. With the continuation of the social workers support, the Sanchez’s can remain focused on the task at hand. When providing services, it’s vital to ensure the intake process is comfortable for the client. Being culture competent and social diversity awareness enables me to respect the cultural norms and allow me to recognize the strengths within the culture. By understanding the family dynamic and the roles of each individual, I can thoroughly accommodate their needs. The resources I as a social worker provides culture competently are beneficial to the Sanchez’s. Problem Area “Devoted to her family, Celia has never worked outside the home” (New Directions in Social Work, 2017). Celia hasn’t developed the proficiency with English which creates a language barrier that interferes with her ability to care for the family. There is an inadequate food
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