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Complete list of NCERT books for IAS NCERT course readings are a decent source and prologue to themes in IAS prelims. Little ponder at that point, many instructing classes and hopefuls prescribe NCERT reading material to new applicants who are recently beginning their planning. Be that as it may, the inquiry I get regularly is would it be advisable for you to allude All NCERT course books and for All subjects? The response to both is No. You need to peruse some NCERT reading material for a few subjects. For some NCERT reading material are not required. So you should read which NCERT course books for which points, we should discover. Perusing NCERT Textbooks is fundamental for your IAS exam readiness and in the event that you have an…show more content…
NCERT Books: Art & Culture • Art & Culture : NCERT Class XI – An Introduction to Indian Art • Art & Culture : NCERT Class XI – Living Craft Traditions of India (Chapters 9 & 10) NCERT Books: Geography • Geography: NCERT Class VI – The Earth Our Habitat • Geography: NCERT Class VII – Our Environment • Geography: NCERT Class VIII – Resource and Development • Geography: NCERT Class IX – Contemporary India – I • Geography: NCERT Class X – Contemporary India – II • Geography: NCERT Class XI – Fundamentals of Physical
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