Nat Turner 's Rebellion Of The United States

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The Southampton Insurrection, also known as Nat Turner’s Rebellion, was one of the largest slave revolts in the United States. The leader of this revolt was a slave named Nat Turner and his slave owner was Joseph Travis. Nat Turner was born on October 2, 1800 and raised in Southampton County, Virginia which was an area with predominantly more whites than blacks. Nat Turner’s mother was from Africa but was shipped to America to be a slave. Their slave holder was Benjamin Turner whose son taught him how to read and write. At a young age Turner’s mother taught him to hate slavery and raised him to be very religious. He was often seen practicing his beliefs whether it include fasting, praying, or reading the bible. Along with being a slave, Turner was also an educated Minister that was a heavy believer in the Christian faith. He often gave services to his fellow slaves and was labeled as “The Prophet”. He believed that God communicated with him through nature, and he also believed that he was chosen by God to lead people out of slavery. In the year 1831 Turner was sold to a plantation owner and his new slaveholder Joseph Travis. During his time there, Turner escaped but believed that signs in the atmosphere from God made him return. In February Turner saw an eclipse, he thought that this was God telling him that it is time to rebel. Turner got some men together and discussed a plan that they were going to finally go against the whites and end slavery. On May 12th Turner claims
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