Nathaniel Hawthorne 's The Scarlet Letter

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Nathaniel Hawthorne is famous for his works that revolve around the Puritan society. The Puritans were very stringent in the way they dealt with rules and ways of life, and Hawthorne does an exceptional job depicting the Puritan lifestyle through his stories. Though many principles from Puritan society has made its way to form the present day American society, Hawthorne might disagree and did not believe that the good attributes originated from Puritan ways. Nathaniel Hawthorne, through the works of his The Scarlet Letter and “Young Goodman Brown”, illustrates the difference between good and evil as well as the separation between the new and old generation and how the youth challenges the way of traditional Puritan society. This can be seen by Goodmans Brown’s character, the younger women at Hester Prynne’s public condemnation, Roger Chillingworth and Arthur Dimmesdale, and Hester’s relationship with her daughter Pearl. Nathaniel Hawthorne is most famous for writing The Scarlet Letter, which takes place during the 1600s in the Massachusetts Bay colony. The story is about a woman by the name of Hester Prynne, who had been sent to America by her husband and left alone alone for a year by herself. However, Hester commits adultery in the absence of her husband and made love with the young minister Arthur Dimmesdale. Hester could not hide her sin, for she could not keep the baby created from sin hidden from the public, therefore, she is forever marked with a scarlet A on her
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