Nathaniel Hawthorne 's Young Goodman Brown

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Within Nathaniel Hawthorne 's short story "Young Goodman Brown" (p.317), Young Goodman Brown travels through a dark and mysterious forest late at night. Ignoring the pleas of his pure wife Faith, he ventures deep into the woods with many dangers around him, only to emerge in the morning a changed man with bewildered views on his own Puritan life and the Puritan community around him. At the cause for this change in mindset, the dream of an old man symbolizing the devil appears, showing him the community partaking in a ritual which can only be described as an act of worshipping the devil. This symbol is one of the more obvious ones found within the story of "Young Goodman Brown", some are equally obvious while others may require more in-depth analyzing. These symbols are so prevalent in the story that they all have meanings that advance the story and create more depth within the characters. The first two symbols in the story appear within the first paragraph, shows Hawthorne 's eagerness to develop hidden meaning and depth right from the start. Young Goodman Brown 's wife, Faith, has two symbols attached to her at all times in the story, one being her name while the other is the reoccurring mention of pink ribbons in her hair. Hawthorne specifically choosing the name Faith in this story is clearly one of the more obvious symbols. He has endless choices for a girl 's name, but he chooses the name Faith to really bring out the dedication of Puritan lifestyle to God. The fact
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