Nathaniel Hawthorne 's Young Goodman Brown

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In Nathaniel Hawthorne 's short story of Young Goodman Brown, the author uses symbolism and allegories in order to showcase the Puritan faith as well as man 's conflict between good and evil. This analysis will break down the techniques that the author uses to critique the puritan society and to show the difference between how people appear to be in society and the true colors that they are hidden inside of them.
There has been a lot of great authors in our time, but none more interesting than Nathaniel Hawthorne. Hawthorne 's ability to write stories using complex language and early Puritan society narratives has always been a topic of study among scholars and young adults. "Young Goodman Brown" explores the idea of good vs. evil and
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Hawthorne came from a line of staunch Puritans. This included William Hathorne, who was involved in the persecution of many Quakers during the seventeenth century. Additionally, William Hathorne 's son, John Hathorne (Nathaniel 's father), was a judge during the Salem witch trials. Because of this, Hawthorne added the ‘w ' to his name in hopes of separating himself from the acts of his ancestors
(Bomarito). This gesture is monumental when looking at Hawthorne 's moral stance of good vs. evil. In removing himself from his family history, Hawthorne is solidifying his views on the persecution of humans, his views on witchcraft and his opinion about what really makes a man ‘godly '. Because both his father and grandfather worked in accordance with Puritan doctrine and faith, it is obvious that Hawthorne does not necessarily believe that the men who are the most pious are the most good. This veers away from the popular idea that religion, and God, are inherently good. In "Young Goodman Brown" this concept becomes especially prominent. The main character, and who the short story is named after, is leaving his wife, Faith, to attend a function which is taking place in the deepest parts of the forest. Goodman Brown is a spiritual man and, much like Hawthorne, is descended from a line of devout Christians. When he
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