Nathaniel Lopez

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The movie began when a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, Steve Lopez met a homeless man playing the violin beautifully on the streets. Intrigued by the performance that he had just witnessed, Steve approached the man asking him for his name. The homeless man introduced himself as Nathaniel Anthony Ayers, Jr. By now, it is apparent that Nathaniel was suffering from a mental disorder manifested by the disassociation of his thoughts and non coherent choice of words. While asking several more questions, Steve discovered that Nathaniel was once student at Juilliard. Interested in writing an article about Nathaniel’s life story, Steve called and made inquiries at Juilliard about a Nathaniel Ayers, Jr. Initially denying that Nathaniel graduated…show more content…
One of the readers was deeply moved by his story that she was compelled to pass on her cello to Nathaniel. He brought it out to Nathaniel, who was mesmerized by the cello and started playing it. Steve made an agreement with Nathaniel, forbidding him to play the cello in the streets because it was too dangerous. Instead, he could safely play his cello at the Lamp Community (a non-profit organization that aids the homeless and mentally ill) where a volunteer by the name of David can keep the cello from being stolen. Nathaniel refused the agreement, stating that people at the Lamp Community torment him. Steve, believing that Nathaniel’s love for music will not keep him away, went ahead and brought the cello to the facility for safekeeping until Nathaniel comes. He waited but Nathaniel did not come. Disappointed, Steve left the cello in David’s care and left. On the following morning, while out in an interview with an atheist, Steve received a call from David of Nathaniel’s music playing in the background. Steve was delighted that Nathaniel agreed to play within the facility. Concerned for Nathaniel’s safety after accompanying him in the streets one night, Steve, with the help of David, arranged for an apartment for Nathaniel. Nathaniel refuses the apartment. Steve convinces him that it is not an apartment but a music studio wherein Nathaniel will be receiving cello lessons instructed to him by an accomplished cellist and Steve’s friend, Graham…show more content…
After a disastrous recital, where Nathaniel loses his temper and attacks Graham, Steve began preparing documents naming Nathaniel’s sister, Jennifer, as Nathaniel’s executor and specifying that Nathaniel will be clinically diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Upon receiving these documents, Nathaniel became enraged. He lashed out all of his anger onto Steve, pinning him against the wall, telling him never to come see him again. Steve, deeply upset by this turn of events, went to the house of his ex-wife (who also happens to be his newspaper editor), Mary Weston, to vent all of his frustrations and disappointments about what had happened with Nathaniel. Mary told him that he could not cure Nathaniel and he could do for him was be his friend. Steve resolved to be Nathaniel’s friend. He arranged for Nathaniel’s sister to fly out to Los Angeles for a visit. He also forgave Nathaniel for his what happened at the apartment. As the movie was ending, Nathaniel, Steve, Mary, and Jennifer were all seated in the audience of a concert featuring the works of
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