Nathan's Boyfriend Quotes

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If there's one thing to know about Nathan Prescott, it's that he's terrible at dealing with his emotions.

Warren had found this out back before they had established a proper relationship. Sure, it created a few bumps in their love life. Nevertheless, Warren was always there for him to offer a helping hand.

Most of the time Nathan was an open book, spewing out every little problem and emotion he's ever felt or had to deal with. As Nathan talks, Warren listens. Just as he likes him to do. During these moments Warren knows he's at his most vulnerable state and he appreciates the trust Nathan hands to him, and Nathan often doesn't hand out his trust very easily.

Blathering and sobbing, his lover buries himself tightly into his chest just as he always does during these moments. Although Nathans episodes leave him heavy-hearted, Warren
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How much he loves and adores him. As much as Nathan hates to admit, he thoroughly enjoys the praise and affection he receives from his boyfriend. Warrens 'mushy bullshit' as he likes to call it.

Its relatively quiet after Nathan calms down, Nothing new there, Warren just assumes he just needs time to let his mind rest and allow himself to fully relax. The two of them sit in silence, cuddled against each other as their bodies fit perfectly together, it was as though they we're made for one another. That's what Warren liked to believe anyway.



Nathan was looking at him intensely, Warren knew what he wanted and he knew Nathan was too embarrassed to word it out for him.

''I love you, Nathan''

Warren enjoyed the blush that spread across his lovers formerly pale cheeks, his shy expression and the way he turned his head to hide it. He never expected Nathan to say it back, that's just how it was. Nathan liked hearing it and Warren liked saying it. But what came next surprised him.

''I love you too,
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