Nation and United States Essay

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Words like country, nation, state, and even nation-state are used to define social, cultural and political relationships in the United States and around the world. There are many defining characteristics that allow countries and groups of countries to understand each other, and in some cases, for unions. The purpose of this essay is to briefly discuss nations, states, and nation states, how the United States constitutes a nation state, and the European Union. A nation is a union of people who share social similarities such as language, beliefs, culture, possibly religion, and values. A state is defined by laws and politics, uniting people by geography, population, and government. The modern nation-state is more of a combination of nation…show more content…
Two examples of foreign policy objectives for the United States include ending the war in Iraq and promoting peace in the Middle East. President Oboma has made it clear that he aims to end the war as quickly as possible, although many Americans do not feel like enough is being done. He has mandated that “Operation Iraqi Freedom has been replaced by Operation New Dawn, and we have fundamentally changed the mission of the remaining United States forces in Iraq” (Foreign Policy, N.D). There is also a goal in place to create peace in the Middle East, not just between countries, but within the Middle East as well. In Fact, “The President believes that we cannot afford to wait to work for peace in the region, so he appointed a Special Envoy for Middle East peace on his second day in office” (Foreign Policy, N.D). The European Union is transnational meaning multinational or international. Some of the major historical events, which occurred during the twentieth century, which led to the creation of the European Union, include World War Two, communism protests in Hungary, the launching of Sputnik, and the creation of a common market in Rome. Some of the nations that make up the European Union include France, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands. Today the European Union assists in creating alliances and safety partnerships, especially after the terrorist attacks in the United States. Two examples of foreign policy objectives for the
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