Nation of Islam in the Light of Elijah Muhammad Essay

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Nation of Islam in the Light of Elijah Muhammad In 1961 James Baldwin met Elijah Muhammad, the leader of the Nation of Islam movement at the time. Baldwin’s experience within the Christian Church prior to his meeting with Elijah helped him analyze the Nation of Islam. This also allowed him to draw parallels between the Nation of Islam movement and the Christian Church. How James Baldwin understood the way the Christian Church worked, and a close look at the Nation of Islam, brings to light the credibility of organized religions. In 1930 Wallace D. Fard gave birth to the Nation of Islam movement. He began in Detroit going door to door preaching to black families about his remedy for their problems. He…show more content…
As for the other accounts, the lynching event did not even surface. Elijah then moved to Detroit where he met Wallace D. Fard and developed into an adamant supporter of Fard and the Nation of Islam. Elijah viewed Fard as a divine being and after Fard’s disappearance, Elijah set up a second temple to the Nation of Islam in Chicago (Dodoo 1+). When James Baldwin met Elijah Muhammad and wrote “Down at the Cross”, Elijah controlled the context of the Nation of Islam doctrine. The Nation of Islam believed and followed certain ideas during the reign of Elijah Muhammad. They pushed toward black separation from the “white” United States. James Baldwin and both articles written by Peter Kihss noted that they wanted the United States to hand over four or five southern states as reparations from slavery. The movement’s beliefs on creation stated African Americans existed seventy-eight trillion years ago, when a black God created himself from a single atom, which formed itself from nothing. Elijah claimed, a council of twenty-four black deities ruled over the universe for the past sixty-six trillion years. Twenty-three existed as Scientists and the twenty-fourth as God or Allah over the others, who was created here on earth. These Scientists determined the history of the word in advance, and every twenty-five thousand years, each God that came after the other God made a new civilization. His
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