National Association Of Elementary School Uniforms

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Unity in Apparel Why do we wear uniforms? Studies done by the National Association of Elementary School Principals show that about only 23% of schools around the USA demand students wear (Public School Uniform Statistics). However, in New Orleans, 95% of public schools require uniforms (Public School Uniform Statistics). Some foes might oppose uniforms by saying that they do not let students express themselves freely and that they are expensive; however, the pros clearly outweigh the cons because uniforms offer great security when it comes to identifying intruders and they reduce stress for students picking an outfit for school. Some of the pros of schools requiring a uniform are safety issues and less stress on students. A survey done by the NAESP shows that 79% of school leaders believe that uniforms have had a positive impact on school safety (Serving All Elementary and Middle-level Principals). If a school requires uniforms, it is extremely easy to identify any individual that should not be at a school. At Jesuit, if a random person were to walk onto campus, he would immediately stand out considering all the students wearing khaki or Jesuit imprinted clothing. The similarity improves security because the sight of someone not in uniform would alert attention and could lead to a lockdown. For instance, if someone suspicious is spotted at Jesuit, the disciplinarian would immediately say a code phrase over the intercom, which would lead the teachers to locking the
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