National Athletic Director At The National College Athletic Association

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One day I hope to get the opportunity to work for the National College Athletic Association. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is an association made up of 1,261 institutions, conferences, organizations and individuals devoted to the administration of intercollegiate athletics ( The purpose of the National College Athletic Association is to maintain intercollegiate athletics as an essential part of the educational program and the athlete as an essential part of the student population. The association’s purpose is to help student athletes maintain a proper balance in life. They enforce the concept of athletes putting school before anything else. Specifically within the NCAA organization, I hope to become an…show more content…
I think that in order to be a successful athletic director, one needs to keep the functional areas of sport management in mind. These four areas include: planning, organizing, leading, and evaluating (Masteralexis, Barr, & Hums, 2015). The first aspect of planning is something that athletic directors’ need to be very good at doing. An athletic director needs to have both short and long term goals. If I were to become an athletic director, I would want to make sure all of the student athletes received the proper tools to succeed both on and off the court. I would make sure each student athlete, scholarship and non-scholarship, had a tutor available to them at all times. I know that the University of Florida allows each athlete to have a tutor, however, it is optional. The reason that it is optional is because it is something that is enforced by the coaches. Therefore, I would make it a university athletic department policy that all coaches must force their student athletes to use a tutor. I would want to make sure each athlete used their tutor to their advantage so they could be aware of what was going on in the classroom. This would also allow students to not be stressed about their studies, and that way they have a proper balance between their sport and education. It is a huge goal of the NCAA for their students to have a proper balance in life, therefore I think through this plan I could implement that balance. In order to make this possible
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