National Bank : A Financial Institution

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Trustmark National Bank is a financial institution that is comprised of various divisions offering financial services throughout the southeast region of the United States. Trustmark is publically-traded on National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (Nasdaq), has total assets over $12.6 billion, and the net income for the first quarter of 2016 was $27 million (, n. d.). While primarily recognized for the banking division, Trustmark offers mortgage, trust, and wealth management services. The primary objective of Trustmark Wealth Management (a division of the Trustmark organization since 1925) is to facilitate affluent clients with the accumulation, preservation, and transfer of wealth through various financial products and services (, n.d.). According to H. Harris, Financial Consultant and First Vice President, the Meridian, Miss. office’s organizational structure is divisional, the office culture is entrepreneurial, and the strategy is to grow business with “cross sales and junior brokers” (personal communication, July 16, 2016).
The aforementioned synopsis describes Trustmark Wealth Management but does not differentiate this organization from any other financial institution. A SWOT analysis and balanced scorecard reveal a more comprehensive portrayal of the organization. These tools provide insight into the organization’s uniqueness and character, ultimately revealing the strategy. As noted by Hicks (2010), the…
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