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A research program is very important & essential for acquiring experience through learning and spreading the scope of Knowledge. I have done my research program in National Bank Limited, Foreign Exchange Branch.
This research report is aimed at providing a comprehensive picture to the areas of Foreign Exchange operation of National Bank Limited. The report has been divided into twelve parts. These are- Introduction, Brief History of Banking Sector of Bangladesh, Corporate review of NBL, Foreign Exchange, Documents Used in Foreign Exchange Business, Letter of Credit (L/C), Import, Export, Foreign Remittance, Findings and Analysis, References.
National Bank Limited is one of the largest commercial Bank of Bangladesh. The main objective of
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Terms used in foreign exchange operations
Foreign exchange operations of National Bank Limited
Literature review.
Total concept of Foreign Exchange Operation.


The report is prepared on the basic of foreign Exchange of National Bank Limited. To conduct the overall study, at first I explored the sources of Primary and Secondary information and data. Different files of the department and statement prepared by FED helped me to prepare this report. To present numerical data, I used the Annual Report of 2008 and monthly statement of January to October 2009 of National Bank Limited, Foreign Exchange Branch. For preparing this report I have used some graphical representation to find out different types of analytical and interpretation.


As mentioned earlier, mainly primary and secondary data has been used. Sometimes the customers gave some important information regarding the services of the Bank:


Official records of National Bank Limited (NBL)..
Expert opinion.


Monthly Statement of NBL.
Annual Report of NBL.
Official Files.
Selected books.
Other manual information.
Various publications on the Bangladesh Bank.
Newspaper reports in this concern.

Both quantitative and qualitative analysis will be performed on the findings. The quantitative analysis will be done on the trend of export- import, growth
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