National Bank Of Oman Case Study

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National Bank of Oman has an orange system as the core value system, blue as the less dominant value system and Green as a subsystem. With orange as the core value system, it gives the bank an open value system which makes it easy to transition and change.

Orange system This is the core value system at national bank of Oman. National bank of Oman is a strategic enterprise that aims to gain competitive advantage. Leadership in the bank the bank is success driven. Employees to the various posts in the bank are awarded based on the qualification of individuals and the evaluation of performance is carried out to determine the suitability of the individual to the post and the benefits that they bring forth. Rewards and recognition for good performance are given.

Blue system It is the less dominant value system present at the National bank of Oman. It is formal management system and leadership is hierarchical and autocratic in nature. A chain of command exists within the National bank of Oman with a board of directors and senior management officers. Employees listen to authority as leadership is order driven. Higher levels of authority rule by rightful compliance. The chain of command is rigid in nature with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for each staff member.

Green system
This is a subsystem in the value system of national bank of Oman. The system is brought out at national bank of Oman through
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