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Case Study National Bank of Borneo Part 1 Overview 1. Time Context The case of National Bank of Borneo happened on November 20, 1986, the date when the sultanate of Brunei announced the closing of the said bank. 2. Viewpoint The viewpoint to be used in solving the case is that of Mr. Abdul Rahman’s, the newly appointed controller of NBB. 3. Major Policy Statement National Bank of Borneo is a bank which is the larger of the two local banks in Borneo. It has advances of $ 1.128 billion, deposits of $ 1.147 billion, total capital and reserves of $ 199.4 million, and a post tax profit of $ 31.1 million. 4. Background of the Case a. The Company National Bank of Borneo is one of local banks in Brunei. Its…show more content…
4. NBB may loose one of its founders that has connections to the other banks world-wide. 5. b. Settle the dispute between the Khoo family and the Sultan. iii. ADVANTAGES 6. The Sultan may have changed his mind with regards to closing NBB. 7. The Sultan may support NBB instead, rather than closing it. iv. DISADVANTAGES 8. Khoo may suppose that what he has done may be tolerable. 9. The same act of Khoo may be repeated once he was forgiven. c. Consult the legislative Council and report that it is unjustified to close NBB considering that it has never showed any sign of bankruptcy. v. ADVANTAGES 10. NBB will have a better hold of not being ceased. 11. Legislative Council will be a mediator between the personal issues of the Khoo family and the Sultan, weighing all things justifiably and free from any form of biased and personal issues. vi. DISADVANTAGES 12. The Sultan may have the possibility to manipulate the due process. 13. LacK of possible evidences about the personal dispute of Khoo and the Sultan would only add up to the reasons of failure. 7. Decision Statement Considering all the advantages and disadvantages of all the presented alternatives of action, the best alternative is the first one. With this

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