National Black Nurses Association Mission Statement

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The professional nursing organization that I will discuss is the National Black Nurses Association, Inc. Information regarding this organization can be found on According to the National Black Nurses Association, Inc. (NBNA) it was “organized in 1971under the leadership of Dr. Lauranne Sams, former Dean and Professor of Nursing, School of Nursing, of Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, Alabama” (NBNA, 2014). At this time, I am not a member of this organization. I have researched various organizations to obtain information. I feel that this organization will provide me with leadership, mentoring, exposure to various opportunities, and will foster my growth within the nursing profession.

According to the NBNA website, the organization
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This mission statement speaks volumes. Nurses’ providing culturally competent care, to people of color is an integral component of establishing a healthy and positive nurse-patient relationship. Without culturally competent care, culturally insensitive health care can be a major contributor to health disparities among people of color (Tucker, Moradi, Wall, & Nghiem,…show more content…
During the conference there are various events, exhibitions, and educational opportunities to explore. The NBNA promotes nursing policy and activism within the organization by spearheading various programs. The organization hosts a, “national Black nurses day on capitol hill, to educate the U.S. Congress on the nursing shortage, the nursing profession, and health care disparities. The Institute of Excellence (IOE) was created for the collaboration of local and national nurses to join forces with other local, national, and international leaders” (NBNA, 2014). This unison will address health, social issues, and the eradication of health disparities. The organizations participation and influence regarding nursing policy and activism, showcases their commitment to ensure the highest quality of healthcare locally and globally.


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