National Business Forms And Printing Essay

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Statement of Facts:
National Business Forms & Printing, INC. located in Navasota, Texas; is a printing commercial business that sells signs, stickers, banners, and other printing goods. NBFP’s main services are offered through two online websites. National Business Forms & Printing sold to affiliated and nonaffiliated customers, using several logos of known car dealerships. One of those dealerships was Ford Motor Company (Ford). Ford was not complied with NBFP doing business with its logo, and as a result sent NBFP a “cease-and desist letter.” In such letter, Ford demanded NBFP to pay $5000 for damages and to stop commercializing with the Fords Logo. Instead of abiding to Ford’s demand, NBFP decided to sue Ford in a Texas State Court looking for a “declaration”. Ford, on the other hand, countersued NBFP in the U.S. District Court of Southern District of Texas. Ford alleged that NBFP committed trademark infringement, counterfeit of Ford’s product (logo), and “false designation”. The U.S District Court of Texas separated Ford’s claims into four categories. First, NBFP’s advertising material for Ford’s associated dealers. Second, advertising material for “independent dealers;” third, a custom logo made by NBFP using an oval similar that stated “NO BIG 3 BAILOUT;” fourth, remaining products that NBFP sold that could be connected to Ford. The District court denied judgment as a matter of law on the first three categories. On the other hand, it allowed judgment on the fourth
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