National Capital Territory

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It has been issue of prime concern and should be on priority for Government. Delhi, being national capital and metropolitan city and also it is surrounded by many states attracts a large number of population.
The people from neighboring states in search of employment or due to poverty indulge in criminal activities. This is also influenced by mass media and stressful working conditions, which largely attributed to increase in crimes against women. Delhi is being perceived most unsafe city of India for women.
The topic deals with the understanding the planning of spaces of Delhi in terms of criminal activities, especially to crimes against women. A major challenge in Delhi is ensuring the safety of one - half of its citizens. Delhi has the uncertain honour or recognition as the top ranking city among the one million plus cities in the country in terms of crime against women.
Another disastrous aspect of the crime scenario is that the majority of the crimes are committed against young children (11-18 years age group), who get shattered right at the start of their emerging life.
To control these criminal activities Delhi was trifurcated in three ranges (New Delhi Range, Southern Range, Northern Range) and further into 11 Districts and 54 Sub-Divisions for the purpose of maintaining law & order and the work of above three ranges have been further divided into four…
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