National College Entrance Examination ( Ncee )

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Long ago, people created examination system as a way to help their posterities to understand and learn knowledge and skills that will eventually benefit them in the future. In the new era, however, examinations are often regarded as tools to measure a student’s intelligence. In some countries, and specifically like China, examinations sometimes even become the only measurement of one’s success. Facing the population explosion, society as many people recognize may judge people’s abilities more important than purely store of knowledge. But again considering both Chinese students currently do very well under such the education system and China has its own dilemmas including shocking population and long history, then whether such examination…show more content…
According to the report, it is pointed out that tens of millions of Chinese students are competing for just over two thousand of national colleges (China Education). Facing such a big gap, it is comprehensible that schools have no choice but to design examinations harder and harder to enroll the best students. Besides such the imbalance between demand and supply that formed long ago, one thing to everyone’s surprise is that even under such an educational atmosphere, Chinese students perform excellent. The results of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development 's international math, science and reading tests - the Program for International Student Assessment (Pisa) tests show that Shanghai, taking part for the first time, came top in all three subjects. And The report, How the World 's Most Improved School Systems Keep Getting Better, rated Hong Kong 's education system among the best in the world (Mourshed). Those reports all seem to assent Chinese education and its examination policy. And also there is a common understanding among both western and eastern culture that people can improve themselves lot in life by going to and staying schools. Some also say that Chinese students are smarter as they can always achieve a higher score in math and science test than students from other countries. Then as most of the Chinese people may think, if their students can do well through the
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