National Collegiate Athletic Association

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Mark A. Emmert, since October of 2010 you have been the president of a great organization by the name of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, or NCAA for short. Prior to being the president for the NCAA, it is known that you have made a great impact on the success of various well known universities. While at the University of Washington, the university was second in standings among all public and private institutions in research funding with $1 billion in grants and contracts per year. With your experience in the financial field, you hold the potential to make the NCAA a better organization for its most important habitants, the players. I believe that you, Dr. Emmert, hold the key to better conditions for college athletes across the United States of America. (Jcoram) Others that should join the cause are university presidents, athletic departments, sport commissioners, and coaches as well. When it comes to the world of sports, all sports, many topics come into debate when discussing the day to day issues facing athletes and their chosen careers. Many concerns with athletes are usually two sided and are black and white arguments without much gray area in between. Most of these issues with sport revolve around the athletes who play them. Such problems that sports spectators argue about are the leagues and athletes choices and if they are beneficiary to the sport that they consume. Many athletes of all levels make great sacrifices for the sport that they play,…
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