National Committee Of Quality Assurance Of Health Insurers Essay

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NCQA is the National Committee of Quality Assurance of health insurers in the United States. It is a private non-for profit organization that has driven the improvement of health care quality across the United States since 1990. Most health organizations in the United States are looking for that type of accreditation to ensure their quality. The CHP plan has many benefits applied and guaranteed by Cigna PPO which is one of the top ranking health insurers in New York State according to the NCQA and has a national rank of 156. The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set, HEDIS, is used by more than 90% of health insurance plans to evaluate the performance on the basis of care and service. HEDIS makes it easy for customers to compare different health plans on similar basis as it has specifically defined measures. Health plans use HEDIS results to measure their progression and determine what exactly they need to focus on to make a development. HEDIS is a trade mark owned by NCQA. Cigna PPO uses HEDIS data to compare themselves with other insurers. (, 2015) Both the CISI indemnity plan and CHP plan which networks through Cigna PPO have ways to overcome moral hazards. The CISI plan is an indemnity plan that states that patients pay for services and are reimbursed payment of the services of the submitted receipts. The Union Graduate College plan (CHP) is a cost sharing plan in which the customers have limited financial responsibility for the healthcare

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