National Competitiveness : The Competitive Advantage Of The Single Organisation

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Introduction 1.0 The theory of “National Competitiveness" analyses the ability of a national economy to innovate and grow. In order to analyse national competitiveness various aspects are taken in consideration such as series of factors, laws which can have a great impact on a countries productivity. National Competitiveness is a key element when determining a countries capability to improve living standards. A situation of competitive advantages enables firms to either reduce its production costs or increase the quality of the product. This will result either in a higher demand or in an increase of profit. A competitive advantage can be established by a range of variants, like costs, strength of the brand, quality of product and human resources. How can analysis of national competitiveness explain the competitive advantage of the single organisation? 2.1 Nowadays the Internet market is dominated by companies based in the United States. This is due to a series of factors and conditions as in order for a company to strive in Market it requires a variety of factors in its home base. In the United States there are a range of factors, which support the Internet industry as well as generalized advantages that span across domestic industries. A high GDP per capita joint with being the country the 3rd largest population meant that many American citizens had large disposable income, which could be spent on expensive computer hardware and monthly Internet fees. This rich supply

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