National Council Of State Board Of Nursing

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According to the website of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing it states, “Because nursing care poses a risk of harm to the public if practiced by professionals who are unprepared or incompetent, the state, through its police powers, is required to protect its citizens from harm.” This statement is very significant because it simply states the basis of why there is a State Board of Nursing, it is to regulate nursing practice. It is imperative that patients are protected from harm and that the nurse practices within their scope of practice. Due to the fact that there are governing agencies and legislation for nurses it decreases the likelihood of incompetent care to be given. Nurses are educated to provide safe and competent care and that is validated with a nursing license. If the care given to patients is not safe there are consequences and these are enforced by the State Board of Nursing. Additionally, nurses are professionals who implement ethics, values, and goals.
The American Nurses Association has deemed 2015 the “year of ethics” due to the release of the revised code of ethics. This code of ethics embraces nursing behaviors that should be incorporated in the quality care that is given to patients from nurses. One of the ethical provisions is to maintain proper boundaries between the nurse and the patient and/or family. In order to provide safe care there needs to be professional boundaries between the nurse and the patient. If the lines are blurred it…
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